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STEP-DAUGHTER. In Latin privigna, is the daughter of one's wife, or of one's husband.

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In his testimony before the Public Prosecution, the suspect confessed that he had molested his step-daughter and consumed alcohol but denied the rape charge based on the girl's account of the incident to her mother.
A simple, inexpensive will would have ensured the beloved step-daughter received all of the estate, where in fact she received nothing.
A much-loved charity fundraiser from the Wyre Forest is being remembered by his step-daughter when she tackles her own mountain challenge in aid of St Richard's Hospice.
Summary: Washington, June 29, 2010, SPA -- A Texas man has been charged in the death of his two-year-old step-daughter during a World Cup football match over the weekend, dpa quoted a Texas newspaper as reporting today.
Retired chauffeur Mr McMillan's step-daughter Joanne, 37, is married to murderer and security firm boss Paul McGovern, 36.
I LOVE you" were the last words a diabetic woman wrote in a suicide note to her step-daughter before killing herself with an insulin overdose.
THIS woman's step-daughter is just typical of single mums.
Gabrielse is survived by his wife, Patricia, of 28 years, his son Kenneth--who is current executive vice president of Gabe's Construction--and his wife Deanna; daughter Kim Klienschmidt and husband Tim; daughter Kathi Bruggemann and husband Mike and step-daughter Kimberly Krause.
He was with his 12-year-old step-daughter when he began "juddering" and when the lights changed she was about to get out of the car for help.
Alan Sagot, 31, his son Marcus, 3, step-daughter Mae-Alisha Hernandez, 15, and Sagot's wife, Yolanda Hernandez, 30 something, stripped down to swimsuits to bask in the sun on an 80-degree day at June Lake.
nieces Eugenia "Patsy" Mitchell, Josephine Pereira, and Eileen Pereira-Arndt; step-daughter Kari SigersonKaufman; and step-granddaughter Ava Kaufman.
Your step-daughter will probably be entering puberty and will be extremely conscious of her body.