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STEP-FATHER. In Latin vitricus, is the husband of one's mother who is not the father of the person spoken of.

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Her mother had died in December 1887, leaving her with two step-siblings and her step-father.
Charles Geekie QC, for Swansea, said the family judge was "plainly wrong in refusing to find sexually inappropriate behaviour", noting that the step-father had admitted sharing a bed with the teen "on more than one occasion".
The child's mother and step-father should have been handed the death penalty and the professionals who failed him should be jailed.
Giving evidence at Newcastle Crown Court, Hodgson said he could not give a reason why he stabbed his step-father in the chest and abdomen, but added he had felt belittled.
His defence solicitor Amy Dixon said: "From speaking to him and his step-father it certainly seems he does come from a working family and a supporting family.
Such a situation causes a multitude of contradictions in the interrelations between the child and the mother and biological father, the woman with the former husband-father and the present husband-father, and between the father and step-father (Arnautova, 1997b).
Neighbours said they had known his step-father, Harry, and were unsure whether Mr Dyas had ever moved out of the family home.
Both Gordon and her step-father Junaid Abuhamza are due to be sentenced on Friday.
In a herky-jerky style, the various events and experiences in the lives of Spooner, his mother and step-father and his siblings are recounted.
Together with a third man, who is the woman's step-father, they deny a total of 22 sex charges against her.
Dugard's step-father Carl Probyn has revealed that the girls, aged 15 and 11, didn't know that their mother was sex slave to the man they called dad.
Her step-father claimed that nine men had broken into their house and took her.