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STERE. A French measure of solidity used in measuring wood. It is a cubic metre. Vide Measure.

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More radically than Iorga, Constantin Stere repudiates the picturesque as being an arrangement with our past, promoting conservative values and the nostalgia for customs and traditions which survived with its help.
40) Common to all these passages is the tension between steering and being buffeted by the tempest, of free will versus determinism; the vulnerability of the emotionally invested lover to the perils of fate is evoked rhetorically through figures of ominatio ('Towards my deth, in winde I stere and saile', (Chaucer V.
36 A stere is equivalent to what standard unit of volume?
German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier and his Norwegian counterpart Jonas Gahr Stere have called on NATO countries to do more for disarmament.
Inventors: Cristina Stere, Werner Obrecht, Udo Sondermann and Gerd Sylvester
I founde in the Image of the Roode callede the Roode of Grace, the whiche heretofore hath beene hadd in greate veneracion of people, certen ingynes and olde wyer, wyth olde roton stykkes in the backe of the same, that dyd cause the eyes of the same to move and stere in the hede thereof lyke unto a lyvelye thyng; and also the nether lippe in lyke wise to move as thoughe itt shulde speke.
Witt expanded his Piggly Wiggly grocery stere by adding a 25,000-square-foot True Value store in June 2006.
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