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Dean told him that there had been a break in sterile technique during the operation.
Sterile technique must be used but that does not require a laminar flow hood; we worked in an alcohol swabbed Plexiglas box with one side left open for our hands.
On the final day we had a discussion about vaginal exams and why, even though they are not necessarily a standard part of a doula's role in labor support, ALACE teaches sterile technique and vaginal exams in its Labor Assistant workshops.
Catheter care requires impeccable sterile technique to prevent infection which can progress to bacterial or fungal sepsis.
Since then, the white coat of the physician has come to symbolize sterile technique and antisepsis, and to this day it is synonymous with the scientific basis of medicine.
The statement included special references to lack of adequate anesthesia and analgesia for the baboons, sterile technique and supervision and training of laboratory personnel.
Using the new Accelerated Seldinger Technique, The PICC WAND combines an echogenic needle, nitinol wire, sheath and dilator into an all in one safety introducer that eliminates the need to reach for separate components, improving sterile technique and reducing the risks associated with Modified Seldinger Technique (MST).
It also addresses specific diseases, pathophysiology, diagnosis, differential diagnosis, preoperative concerns, medical management, prognosis, anesthesia, surgical anatomy, wound healing, postoperative issues, potential complications, and special age considerations, as well as general principles related to surgical asepsis, sterile technique (with new material on scrubless and waterless surgeon and patient prep solutions), instrumentation and facilities, biomaterials, suturing, homeostasis, preoperative care, antibiotic use and infections, postoperative care (including nutrition), physical rehabilitation, and multimodal analgesic therapy (expanded for this edition).
Using a sterile technique, a 2-cm skin incision is camouflaged within the superomedial aspect of the submental triangle, along the lingual surface of the mandible.
The patient also claimed that the Doctrine of Res Ipsa Loquitur (RIL) applied on the basis that the infection was the result of a breach in sterile technique in the operating room and would not have happened had there not been a breach of sterile technique.