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July 15 /PRNewswire/ -- Onyx Stock Transfer, LLC, a securities transfer agent based in Mountain View, California, today announced that it has named Linda DeMelis as Senior Vice President.
He dismissed the argument that stock transfer organisations were undemocratic, saying stock transfer ballots typically achieved a turnout of more than 70pc while councillors were elected on a turnout of 40pc.
Despite the fact that the IRS is probably no longer as eager to scrutinize intrafamily S stock transfers, the rules of those cases should apply under current law.
367(a)-3(d) provides, however, that transactions in which one or both of these corporations are foreign will be treated as stock transfers within the scope of section 367(a) and therefore subject to the GRA requirements.
In the survey, The Bank of New York outperformed its competition in five of the six categories, including stock transfers, shareholder services, issuer services, dividend disbursement, and dividend reinvestment and direct stock purchase plan services.
As of today, all shareholder inquiries should be directed to American Stock Transfer & Trust Company, LLC representatives at:
The most important change includes expansion of the stock transfer rules under section 367(a) and elimination of a very complex set of attribution rules under section 367(b).
The foregoing rules also apply to certain "indirect" stock transfers described in Temp.
ePresence also announced that it had filed Articles of Dissolution with the Massachusetts Secretary of the Commonwealth in accordance with its plan of liquidation and that, effective as of June 14, 2004, its stock transfer books have been closed and that no stock transfers will be recorded after such date.
Stock Transfer Corporation, the largest independent stock transfer agency headquartered in the west, specializes in all aspects of stock transfers including issuance of certificates, replacing lost certificates, and distribution of cash and stock dividends, as well as mailing and tabulating proxies.