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Everything else is a stock phrase, repeated in each subsequent line of the wangga text, in which wak is never prefaced by its appropriate noun classifier, proclitic a=.
For years it was a stock phrase of the Religious Right, recited frequently by men such as Pat Robertson and his shock troops.
Teresa: We give our students a stock phrase when they don't know the answer to a judge's questions: "My research didn't give me that information, but I do know.
I'm not sure the two of them used the stock phrase that Franco apologists used about him "He is a fine upstanding Christian gentleman", nor indeed how that would sound in Welsh, but that was the tenor of the conversation.
The good horses are making their money' has become the stock phrase at the yearling sales in recent years and that is still the case.
This in my view is Labour rhetoric straight out of the anti-Tory stock phrase book.
But maybe Mr Kay should have defended his position with a stock phrase from another popular BBC quiz: "I've started so I'll finish.
Oh, sure, sure he also evoked that stock phrase about how "from the start" of his administration he would work to achieve a Palestinian state - but with occupied Jerusalem as "the undivided capital of Israel".
This stock phrase from Professor Yaffle-lookalike Arsene Wenger is used every time one his players makes a horror challenge or disappears at half time.
It's a stock phrase, but on closer inspection it may actually be a genuine response.
The new Mario Balotelli might be a tired epithet but as a stock phrase denoting possible controversy, it might not be that far off the mark.