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Normally I can escape from the strait-jacket in under three minutes.
Full decoupling will at long last get breeders and feeders out of the management strait-jacket forced on them by cow quota, retention periods and endless arguments with the RPA.
Unfortunately, teacher training has also succumbed to the Ofsted/Teacher Development Agency strait-jacket, students are expected to tick a narrowly defined set of competencies.
To strait-jacket the court process to either 12 weeks for new-born children, or 30 weeks in general, removes the flexibility that is essential for this process to work effectively.
Of course Bruce will instruct his Wigan players to go out and give 50 per cent tomorrow, but there are whispers he'll order his keeper to wear a strait-jacket.
Local councils are in a strait-jacket of regulation imposed by Whitehall and have very little real discretion.
The club has so far failed to offload its modest allocation because of strait-jacket restrictions on the ticket sales.
Shirley Bassey's shoes and Charlotte Church's strait-jacket take pride of place in a new exhibition tracing the fascinating history of Cardiff Bay.
The goal - the first of the Premiership season - also killed the idea that Albert would be spending life in a defensive strait-jacket.
WITH walking and rambling becoming ever trendier, and likely to get increasingly so as the economic strait-jacket squeezes tighter, arguments about open access to land are largely old-hat in Wales.
Rocking to and fro in her strait-jacket, she continued: "The way the spirit guides and I are working is we are building up to when the aliens are coming, that is the bigger thing.
After the doctor there (Kris Kristofferson) plies him with mind-altering drugs, restrains him in a strait-jacket and locks him in a mortuary drawer for hours on end, things go a little haywire.