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You can do it up," I growl at my son as I strait-jacket him into a puffa coat over three sweatshirts.
Put them in a strait-jacket and lock them in a room?
We want to improve council services, given the strait-jacket imposed by Government funding.
ISLAMABAD, May 07, 2011 (Frontier Star): President Asif Ali Zardari said on Friday that the country needed a Charter of Economy on the lines of Charter of Democracy to steer the nation out of the economic strait-jacket.
Hewails, I insist; I wrapmy arms round him like a strait-jacket and bundle him into bed.
I have seen New Zealand teams put players in a strait-jacket and then say 'Off you go, boys' and it's been a disaster," said Gatland.
Tim Henman's got more chance of winning Wimbledon in a strait-jacket than Denman has of winning the Hennessy.
Even if the national movement restriction strait-jacket is removed by around September 10, as is hoped, and both the auction system and inter-EU export markets are completely restored within the next three weeks, the measures taken to counter the avoidable leak at Pirbright have been an extremely expensive national exercise and the cost to livestock farmers, hauliers, auction markets, meat processors and government has to be well over pounds 100m through additional direct expense and loss of income.
Consider what the journalistic organization Reporters Without Borders has to say about Tunisia in their 2005 report: "The Tunisian media work in a strait-jacket.
Instead the creative strait-jacket still fits, the corporation's franchise is still safe.
What distinguishes current practice is not merely the "return to beauty" over and above the Conceptual, according to him, but a shift from the formal strait-jacket of "one-idea art" to a kind of generalized multitasking whereby the work is no longer "obliged to any particular logic" (as Gilbert-Rolfe puts it) of production, it being rather a matter of forging "linkages"--so that, for instance, a Minimalist sensibility might be countered with baroque detail.