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The Quality Street Gang were a special group of players but we were lucky to be at the club at the time of the Lisbon Lions.
THE Mail highlighted the Home Secretary's recent statements regarding her plans to tackle street gangs.
To the street gangs, the prison gang members are the "bad of the bad," as one 18-year-old Latino street gang member said.
The 18th Street gang -- long considered one of the worst and most violent in the city -- has been the focus of law enforcement internationally.
When these guns meander into the hands of young street gang members we have Georgina "Vivi" Leimonis and Jane Creba dead on our streets.
The definitions include, but are not limited to, members and associates of criminal street gangs, criminal motorcycle gangs, criminal hate groups, and criminal extremist groups.
Quinn was jailed for life in 1988 for the 1975 murder of PC Stephen Tibble in London and moved to Ireland with the Balcombe Street gang when the Good Friday deal was signed.
To date we have conducted twenty-six in-depth interviews, twenty-three with members of the SPCUM, including four members of the "Youth and Street Gangs Committee" (Jeunesse etgangs de rue); four members of the anti-gang squad's street gang section, including the present and past directors; five constables involved in prevention and community relations (Section prevention et relations communautaires, and Projets speciaux); ten members of the youth police (police-jeunesse) and socio-community specialists (agents socio-communitaires); one person in charge of security in an "at-risk" school in Montreal and two constables involved with the street gang problem in a Montreal suburb.
The founder of the Winnipeg Native Alliance has made it his mission to help Native youth, especially street gang members, find a better way.
The Warriors -- Based on a 70's action flick that set new standards for "artistic violence," a street gang battles its way across NYC in an attempt to reach its home turf.
Parker, who has been identified in court records as a member of the Providence Street gang, was charged with assault with a dangerous weapon, affray, disturbing the peace and trespassing in the YMCA fight.
The new felony is committed when a person threatens to use physical force to "coerce, solicit, recruit or induce another person to join or remain a member of a criminal street gang, or conspires to do so.