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Rasch analysis of a new stroke-specific outcome scale: The Stroke Impact Scale.
Essi sono: European Stroke Scale (ESS) (4,9,10), Trunk Control Test (TCT) (1,11,12,13,14), Motricity Index (MI) (12,13,14,15), Wisconsin Gait Scale (WGS)(16,17,18), Barthel Index (BI) (9,11,12,13) e Stroke Impact Scale (SIS) (8,19,20,21,22,23,24).
Second, because a transition might not be the optimal measure of improvement, we asked whether any baseline variables predicted favorable responses as defined by tools commonly used in stroke trials, including changes in walking speed, greater than median gains in walking speed and step counts, and subscale scores on the Stroke Impact Scale (SIS) [15], which might plausibly correlate with quality of life associated with mobility.