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Generally it was reported that the diacid monomer acts as its own catalyst for the esterification reaction in the absence of a strong acid or metal catalyst.
1-10% by weight, based on the dry weight of the copolymer, of a compound selected from the group consisting of at least one strong acid monomer and salts.
This is due to a strong acid structure with a pH of 2.
This is an older treatment and there's a lot of controversy surrounding heavy-duty peels, which use very strong acid.
In this study, we were able to create a dendrite that did not have a typical corrosive residue, but did leave a strong acid that caused electrical leakage under the LCC.
When he takes one tab of particularly strong acid during a violent electrical storm it is one indulgence too many.
Limited Tenders are invited for Supply of Strong Acid Cation Resin
Normally people use a strong acid such as sulfuric acid, or a strong lime base, to loosen it, making holes in it.
After sloshing the solid mixture with strong acid -a process called wet etching - they rinsed away the dissolved graphite and determined the amount of acid-resistant material that remained: 67 percent by weight.
Tenders are invited for overhaul of Dual Media filters, Activated carbon filters, Mixed Beds, Strong Acid cation bed, Weak Base Anion beds, Strong base anion exchanger, Limestone Beds, Cleaning of R.
Lythic SPD Protector was exposed to very strong acid - muriatic acid - and oil for a full 24 hours in laboratory testing.
The standard process for making conductive polyaniline creates large amounts of ammonium sulfate and leaves strong acid residues.