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Due to the wear-and-tear on roads from studded tires, the state Department of Transportation encourages motorists to consider alternatives.
From studded tires to travel grants, from technology to trade, this Northern governance structure would find "made in the North" solutions for our issues.
In Norway, studded tires have been used for decades because of the snow-covered and icy roads in winter.
Stone matrix asphalt (SMA), used in Europe for approximately 30 years, was first developed to provide resistance to abrasion caused by studded tires.
Studded tires do provide improved traction and braking on icy roads in places like North Dakota.
The tire company is busiest mid-April through Christmas, with large rushes when studded tires are put on and later removed.
To maintain traction without damaging the ice, the platforms rolled on semi-inflated, studded tires.
He recalls putting studded tires on his car in winter, but, thanks to newfound warmer winters in Seattle, he hasn't had to for several years.
Studded tires are legal in some states (including Colorado and Idaho), but check local regulations before installing them.
If studded tires are used on the front axle, they must also be used on the rear axle.
In Japan, tires which primarily require comparable ice performance with studded tires have been developed in this field, but we have not accomplished satisfying performance of a so-called studless tire.
Studded tires have staggered studs designed to wear with the tire.