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STUPIDITY, med. jur. That state of the mind which cannot perceive and embrace the data presented to it by the senses; and therefore the stupid person can, in general, form no correct judgment. It is a want of the perceptive powers. Ray, Med. Jur. c. 3, Sec. 40. Vide Imbecility.

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I can't decide: Is the number of stupid people on the net growing, or does the interweb make normal, intelligent people stupid?
Fame and celebrity for doing nothing is very seductive to very stupid people.
ANON, NE16 * ONCE again, stupid people had to be rescued after trying to drive on water.
I think that would deter a lot of stupid people once one or two hit the headlines with a big bill.
It's stupid people who only see the colour of a person's skin.
And an angry Nick Brown, Minister for the North East, said: "These stupid people don't know what they are talking about.
You have to find the certain type of stupid people who actually believe they're super brilliant.
The firm claim people have phoned up requesting the market, which means there must be a tremendous amount of stupid people with telephones.
When he wakes up 500 years later, he's the smartest guy on the planet, because the stupid people have procreated faster than the intelligent ones.
One 13-year-old girl explained why she had joined the protesters: "We understand some stupid people in politics are trying to kill the Lebanese and Iraqis.