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38 (640m): Tyrian Dolly (R13), Darbystown Sand (R7), Greenisle Iona (R6), Coologue Sea Hag (W) (R6), Ashgrove Milly (M) (R4), Cluasa Suasa (Scr).
38 (640m handicap): Autumn Actor (W), Clancy Jack (M), Greenisle Iona, Coologue Sea Hag (W), Ashgrove Milly (M), Cluasa Suasa (scr).
However, Suasa and Bradly (2006) defined psychic distance as the perceived difference by managers between their home and host countries.
38 (640m Handicap): Triptych (6), Clancy Jack (M) (5), Greenisle Iona (4), Ashgrove Milly (M) (3), Piercestown Jan (1), Cluasa Suasa (Scr).
Reserves: Cluasa Suasa, Shaunas Vision, Shoreroad Melia.
20 (450m): Suncroft Liz, Hardwick Martina, Cluasa Suasa, Mill Boogardy (M), Quivers Dazzler (M), Quivers Barbie (W).
24 (450m Handicap): Its Not, Vigorous Martha, Cluasa Suasa, Ashville Pearl, Colarhouse Coco, Swift Silverlily (M).
Reserves: Chizzy Boo Boo (M), Cluasa Suasa, Dark Secret (M), Dash Time, Forelacka Sadie, Glenburn Jimmy, Malbay Duchess, Nights In Havana (M), Pity Me Magpie, Poolie Laura (M), Sup Tara, Tabacco Road (M).
08 (450m): Lissane Road, Tyrian Dolly, Cluasa Suasa, Gods Plan (M), Pukka Star (M), Callas Maria (M).
27 (450m): Lostrigg Blaze, Cluasa Suasa, Lisneal Buddy, Literary Lantern (M), Cu Sith Uine (M), Clampett Foan (M).