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For instance, Ayuel, one of the largest clans in Twic East has 19 chiefs representing all its sub-clans, yet only 13 of them are reportedly committed to peace.
Historical conflicts between neighboring sub-clans for water, livestock, and other resources carried over into post-independence politics.
145) Citing the Benin/Niger case as ICJ precedent (146) and the All-Africa People's Conference (147) as historical justification, Puntland could present disparate clan distribution evidence demonstrating that Puntland is composed solely of the Harti sub-clan, while Somaliland is composed of the Isaq clan.
It took me about six months to have a basic knowledge of clans and the various sub-clans and their leaders, and which was allied with another.
This is an alliance of about 200 Sunni shaikhs drawn mostly from the Dulaim confederation of tribes and dozens of sub-clans who were fighting against al-Qaeda.
The Dulaim tribes and sub-clans could eventually try to topple the government in Baghdad.
This government lacked broad legitimacy, however, particularly among key clans and sub-clans in Mogadishu that felt under-represented.
The latest round of armed clashes erupted after a new grouping calling itself the Anbar Rescue Council - which claims to represent a large number of Anbar tribes and sub-clans - on Oct.
Within the web of clan and warlord conflicts, General Morgan and his forces historically clashed with the Jubba Valley Alliance led by Colonel Bare Hirale and Dabare and Luway sub-clans both from the Digil-Mirifle clan.
General Muhammad Farah "Aideed" and Ali Mahdi Muhammad, both members of different sub-clans of Hawiye and of the United Somali Congress overthrew Barre in a coup, but conflicts left more than 14,000 Somalis dead.
Two sub-clans of the main Marri tribe clashed Monday over the supply and distribution of irrigation water in the Khatmundai area of Sibi district in the northeast of the province, the News, a Pakistan daily, reported Tuesday.
As sub-clans of the greater clan of Gwauna'ongi (distinguished in Kwara'ae language as 'small' or 'large' clans), they all inherited a claim to the lands and shrines their ancestors derived from, and some (the descendants of Maefunu) later moved back to Faureba.