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SUB-TENANT. The same as under-tenant. See Under-leaser; Under-tenant, and 1 Bell's Com. 76.

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This meant that even though the intermediate landlord later successfully renewed his lease, he had lost the right to oppose the sub-tenants renewal.
This national online commercial real estate listing directory serves as a matchmaker by helping businesses that have extra space find a complementary sub-tenant to rent it, while at the same time helping small businesses who need the space to find it.
written consent to the sub-lease, and also ensure that the sub-lease is registered in favour of the sub-tenant.
Shenkman had previously been occupying the space as a sub-tenant and selected to secure the premises by signing a direct, long-term lease with Harbor Plaza Associates.
The main reason for the move at this time is that Pyng was a sub-tenant to a sub-lease on space from February 2000 until end of August 2001.
Aeroflex was a sub-tenant in this building at the time we acquired it one year ago.
Also in the month of November, Troutbrook welcomed its sub-tenant, One World Capital, to 477 Madison Avenue, Troutbrooks' Manhattan headquarters.