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The aggressively polemical tone of the prologue continues to jar in the body of Menocal's book, which is unfortunate, because much of what she has to say is innovative and intelligently argued, even though the headings of her four chapters (|Synchronicity', |Bondage', |Faint praise and proper criticism', and |Blindness), not to mention their respective sub-titles (|Death and the Vita nuova', |Pellico's Francescas', |The miglior fabbri', |Alephs and lovers') do not exactly encourage feelings of pleasurable anticipation in the reader.
Intermodal interstate transportation of wastes to large, regional sub-title D landfills is a cost and environmental winner," stated Ken Patrick, president.
The sub-title of this newest addition to the Buildings of Ireland series gives its remit: 'The City Within the Grand and Royal Canals and the Circular Road with the Phoenix Park'.
IN the words of the sub-title, this is another instalment in One Shepherd's Struggle for Survival, first poignantly and passionately told in A Shepherd's Watch.
Now there are some added pieces of information the sub-title has changed to From The Cavern To The Coral.
If the 'mistakes of a night' (Goldsmith's sub-title - omitted from the programme) occasionally blur into total incoherence, you can put it down to Mr Stafford-Clark's use of a local accent for the actors.
In view of his obsession with thrillers, perhaps his sub-title 'plenty of wit, plenty of grit' should be changed to 'plenty of talkies, plenty of porkies'.
However, there is some inaccuracy m the book's sub-title.
As the sub-title indicates, it is a regional study of the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa, what the nineteenth century called the Eastern Frontier, centered on Port Elizabeth.
The sub-title 'How to Never Grow Up--The Complete Guide' establishes the tone of the juvenile humour that permeates this text.
His work, which had the sub-title the Boggard of Cherry Lane, tells how Prince John once travelled through Liverpool on his way back from a war in Ireland.
The sub-title of this year's Birmingham Early Music Festival - 'Creating the new: re-creating the old' - made it clear that we should expect something .