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Fortunately, the title and sub-title prove no handicap to Mr Skinner, who has written a lucid and perceptive book.
The main site, h2olland, is, as its sub-title explains, devoted to 'architecture with wet feet.
While the book is fairly balanced and copiously annotated, the sub-title reveals the author's position.
If the title of this fascinating and impressively erudite study aptly suggests the book's thematic axis, the sub-title more accurately indicates its compass.
The cover of Ella Moves House has the sub-title 'A step-family story', clearly signalling the 'issue' behind this picture book.
The sub-title 'How to Never Grow Up--The Complete Guide' establishes the tone of the juvenile humour that permeates this text.
The sub-title of this newest addition to the Buildings of Ireland series gives its remit: 'The City Within the Grand and Royal Canals and the Circular Road with the Phoenix Park'.
IN the words of the sub-title, this is another instalment in One Shepherd's Struggle for Survival, first poignantly and passionately told in A Shepherd's Watch.
Sub-title technology was used to make sure all the children could enjoy the film and The Gate laid on free parking for the families.
Now there are some added pieces of information the sub-title has changed to From The Cavern To The Coral.
In view of his obsession with thrillers, perhaps his sub-title 'plenty of wit, plenty of grit' should be changed to 'plenty of talkies, plenty of porkies'.
Seriously Funny ran the sub-title, which seems to pretty much sum up Martin's two sides.