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SUBJECT-MATTER. The cause, the object, the thing in dispute.
     2. It is a fatal objection to the jurisdiction of the court when it has not cognizance of the subject-matter of the action; as, if a cause exclusively of admiralty jurisdiction were brought in a court of common law, or a criminal proceeding in a court having jurisdiction of civil cases only. 10 Co. 68, 76 1 Ventr. 133; 8 Mass. 87; 12 Mass. 367. In such case, neither a plea to the jurisdiction, nor any other plea would be required to oust the court of jurisdiction. The cause might be dismissed upon motion, by the court, ex officio.

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The court summarily rejected the attempt to elevate procedural error to the level of subject matter jurisdiction: "[T]he subject-matter of the suit was the assertion of a lien predicated upon a contract of sale .
Success during this phase depends largely upon solid relationships developed during the training and exercise phases between USG subject-matter experts and their host country counterparts.
When the time came to decide on the focus of TIMSS, the subject-matter specialists had a virtual monopoly.
However, the decision to disclose hypotheses and/or experimental results should be taken with a full understanding of the impact on the potential patentability of subject-matter based on the disclosed information.
With over 150,000 subject-matter experts, the GLG Councils deepen clients' understanding of critical issues through a wide range of educational solutions, including telephone consultations, expert surveys and seminars.
Another example: in Teacher Quality and Student Achievement: A Review of State Policy Evidence (1999), Darling-Hammond reviews what the research says about the relationship between student achievement and many different teacher variables, including teacher's general academic ability, intelligence, subject-matter knowledge, pedagogical knowledge, experience, and certification status.
NEW YORK -- c(R), a Dow Jones and Reuters Company, today announced several significant management additions to its professional services team, Factiva Consulting Services, as well as a new practice-based structure designed to help clients draw upon the unrivaled knowledge and experience of Factiva's subject-matter experts.
Distributed Administration, Template and Workflow Features Let Subject-Matter Experts Independently Publish Web Content
Among the lessons learned: How to define your expectations early for contribution by a subject-matter expert.
Bobby Yazdani, Saba's president and COO, said, "Unlike other proprietary tools, Saba Publisher makes it easy for non-technical subject-matter experts to share their knowledge through standards-complaint e-learning content.
And, as a visual development system, SimBionic is usable not only by programmers, but also by non-technical subject-matter experts -- designers, analysts, operators and instructors -- so you can eliminate the traditional, cumbersome, error-prone approach in which an expert has to explain everything to a programmer who then codes it into the software.
Sargeant noted that Cubic's cadre of analysts -- including prior ambassadors and other State Department personnel, retired military, foreign area officers and other subject-matter experts -- compare English versions of data such as newspaper stories against native-language accounts.