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Hence we should not expect problems shooting subsonic ammunition through a suppressor-equipped pistol.
It provides holdovers to 850 yards for supersonic ammunition and 400 yards for subsonic ammunition.
With all centerfire suppressors, the use of subsonic ammunition is heavily advised; supersonic rounds still create a 'crack' when breaching the sound barrier.
In addition, a suppressor can be mounted, and the rifling twist of 1:11 was utilized specifically for best accuracy with subsonic ammunition.
A well broken in pistol might cycle subsonic ammunition, but the value of subsonic ammunition is only realized in a rifle barrel.
With the 300 BLK you can enjoy running both supersonic and subsonic ammunition through a sound suppressor.
A 9x19mm AR is also very easy to suppress and very quiet when fed subsonic ammunition.
This is necessary for those times when the SIG MCX will be used with subsonic ammunition without a suppressor.