Substituted Service

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Substituted Service

Service of process upon a defendant in any manner, authorized by statute or rule, other than Personal Service within the jurisdiction; as by publication, by mailing a copy to his or her last known address, or by personal service in another state.

substituted service

n. accomplishing service (delivery) of legal documents required to be served personally by leaving the documents with an adult resident of the home of the person to be served, with an employee with management duties at the office of an individual, with such an employee at corporate headquarters, with a designated "agent for acceptance of service" (often with name and address filed with the state's Secretary of State), or in some cases (like a notice to quit the premises) by posting in a prominent place followed by mailing copies by certified mail to the person to be served. Such service is considered "constructive" delivery. (See: service, service of process)

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In 2011, courts in Minnesota and Texas also accepted using social networking sites as a means of substituted service, and the state civil courts website in Utah similarly envisions using sites like Facebook and Twitter as vehicles for service of process.
When summons cannot be served personally within a reasonable period of time, substituted service may be resorted to.
But) the effort of the Trajano family to enforce in the Philippines the foreign judgment was quashed by the Philippine Supreme Court on the technicality of a defective substituted service of summons to Imee Marcos who claimed that she was then a resident of Singapore when the summons was served at Alexandra Homes in Pasig City, her reported address,' the Albay representative added.