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This reduction in arch length circumference may compromise the eruption of succedaneous teeth.
Supernumerary teeth may cause the delayed or impaired eruption of succedaneous teeth (26-52%), displacement or rotation of permanent teeth (28-63%), crowding, abnormal diastema or premature space closure, dilaceration or abnormal root development of permanent teeth, cyst formation (4-9%), or eruption into nasal cavity(Mitchell L, 1989).
Interrelation between fusions in the primary dentition and agencies in the succedaneous permanent dentition seen from an embryological point of view.
Early extraction may, however, be technically difficult and may result in fracture of the roots, or possible disturbance of the succedaneous tooth bud [Raghoebar et al.
A continuous process of teeth eruption and shedding replaces the exfoliated deciduous teeth with succedaneous teeth i.