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The act of withdrawing from membership in a group.

Secession occurs when persons in a country or state declare their independence from the ruling government. When a dissatisfied group secedes, it creates its own form of government in place of the former ruling government. Secessions are serious maneuvers that lead to, or arise from, military conflict.

A secession can affect international relationships as well as the civil peace of the nation from which a group secedes. Most countries consider secession by a town, city, province, or other body to be a criminal offense that warrants retaliation using force. Because the primary mission of most governments is to maximize the comfort and wealth of its citizens, nations jealously guard the land and wealth that they have amassed. In rare cases a government may recognize the independence of a seceding state. This recognition may occur when other countries support the independence of the seceding state. However, for most countries, the involuntary loss of land and wealth is unthinkable.

Most countries have laws that punish persons who secede or attempt to secede. The United States has no specific law on secession, but the federal government and state governments maintain laws that punish Sedition and other forms of insurrection against the government. On the federal level, for example, chapter 115 of title 18 of the U.S. Code Annotated identifies Treason, rebellion, or insurrection, seditious conspiracy, and advocation of the overthrow of the government as criminal offenses punishable by several years of imprisonment and thousands of dollars in fines. These are the types of crimes that can be charged against persons who attempt to secede from the United States.

The U.S. Civil War was the result of the single most ambitious secession in the history of the United States. In February 1861 South Carolina seceded from the Union, and Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Texas, Arkansas, and Tennessee followed suit shortly thereafter. These states seceded because they objected to attempts by the federal government to abolish the enslavement of black people. The mass secession led to four years of civil war and the death of hundreds of thousands of people. The seceding states established their own government called the Confederate States of America and fought the U.S. military forces with their own army. When the Confederate forces were defeated in April 1865, the seceding states rejoined the United States.


U.S. Civil War.

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He is also well known to detectives in Cumbria - where the Howards lived in a sucession of caravan sites.
Edge scored twice in quick sucession to put the game beyond Hall's reach and they will be looking for a win at Oxton in their final friendly on Saturday before the league campaign starts.
It has taken Aberdeen 10 years to mend their shattered confidence and to regain boardroom composure well enough to stop making a sucession of managerial changes in a mood of panic.
Two profit warnings in quick sucession torpedoed City enthusiasm for the company, which has expanded organically and through acquisition since it floated in 1995 at 175p a share.
THE Wales Disabled cricket team have reached the final of the National Disability County Championship for the third year in sucession following a semi-final victory over favourites Yorkshire.
Jamie Rowan is the unlucky line of the week winner after being stung twice in quick sucession.
CASTLE MANE will miss the chance to win the Christie's Foxhunter Chase two years in sucession.
THE ESTATE OF ROBERT CLARE LATE OF 107 RICHMOND ROAD, FAIRVIEW, DUBLIN 3 SECTION 49 SUCCESSION ACT STATUTORY NOTICE TO CREDITORS NOTICE is hereby given pursuant to Section 49 of the Sucessions Act 1965 that particulars in writing of all claims against the Estate of the above named deceased who died on the 26th January 2008 Probate of whose Will was granted to the Executors on 7th January 2010 should be furnished to the undersigned Solicitors for the Executors on or before the 17th day of October 2011 after which date the assets will be distributed having regard only to the claims furnished Dated the 8th day of September 2011 P.
Elle s'est aussi jointe a l'Office de revision du Code civil a titre de rapporteur du Comite des sucessions, substitutions, fiducies, donations, personnes et l'administration du bien d'autrui.