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A detailed local tomography done at NRV area by Londono and Sudo (2002a) seems to support this supposition.
Therefore, inclusion of too few individuals, or the use of pooled material, may yield misleading results, an observation that may explain the seeming contradiction between our results and those of Miki and Sudo (7) and Boomsma (12).
Mr Sudo said participants need to get blood tests from a Japanese doctor before leaving.
The release of PowerBroker Sudo Converter will now help BeyondTrust customers quickly migrate their sudoer files to PowerBroker Servers policy files.
Also, SUDO said that militiamen ridding camels assaulted Girgera village, at 7km west of Zamzam camp, where they killed two civilians and looted 30 camels, 240 sheep, 93 goats, 36 donkeys, 4 horses.
Yasumori Ihara, 61, senior managing officer in charge of logistics and purchasing, and Seiichi Sudo, president of Toyota Motor Kyushu will be promoted to executive vice-presidents.
Location: Changshu Southeast Economic Development Zone, Changshu, Jiangsu Province, China Chairman: Seiichi Sudo President: Hirokazu Yase Equity: TMC: 70.
We have to keep a firm grasp on the global trends," said Akira Sudo, an R&D executive.
Bada, 61, president of the core operating company of JFE Holdings, will replace Fumio Sudo, 68, former president of Kawasaki Steel Corp.
Pioneer President Tamihiko Sudo told a news conference that the company is now in talks with Matsushita Electric Industrial Co.
Athens Olympic gold medalist Masato Uchishiba fell in an upset to Yu Shinozaki in the 66-kg semifinals and Hideo Sudo won the title for the first time.