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It was clear that the upper reaches of the Thames would not allow of the navigation of a boat sufficiently large to take the things we had set down as indispensable; so we tore the list up, and looked at one another!
The aperture was already sufficiently large for him to enter, but by waiting, he could still cling to hope, and retard the certainty of deception.
Casaubon, showing that his views of the womanly nature were sufficiently large to include that requirement.
All the windows and doors had been taken away, and sufficiently large holes were conspicuous in the dilapidated roofs, but the surrounding land was laid out in fields that were highly cultivated, and the old garden spaces had been turned into meadows, watered by a system of irrigation as artfully contrived as that in use in Limousin.
Finally, however, a sufficiently large tract oœ ground was turned up, and sown with this new kind of seed; although half of the dragon's teeth still remained to be planted some other day.
The Kingdom's economy also continued to grow in real terms at a rate above peers despite the environment of weak commodity prices, while a thorough fiscal consolidation plan has been announced to ensure that existing buffers remain sufficiently large.
I understand Lidl opted for this site because it wanted access to a sufficiently large employment pool.
The fact of the matter is that currently, because this is a disease that mainly afflicts the poor of West Africa, they do not see a sufficiently large market for the medicines they might develop to treat it.
She told the court that Travis then grabbed her breasts for several seconds "as if he was judging for himself" whether they were sufficiently large.
If we do so in sufficiently large numbers it will quell the Eurosceptics for a very long time to come.
Owens said that their work shows that even though only a small portion of the ocean contained toxic and metal-scavenging hydrogen sulfide, it was sufficiently large so that changes to the ocean's chemistry and biology were likely profound.