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SUFFRANCE. The permitting a tenant who came in by a lawful title, to remain after his right has expired. Vide Estates at suffrance.

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to sleeves, suffuse on leastways suffrance the armways of root.
For Canadians who are disposed to wail lamentations for America as a result of President Bush's re-election, I would counsel that they consider these contrasts: 51% of the electorate returned President Bush for four more years in the White House; Prime Minister Paul Martin, whose party won 37% of the popular vote in the recent parliamentary election, serves at the suffrance of separatists and socialists.
Despite the dismal weather, spirits were high as 10 teams competed in eight It's a Knockout Games and, whilst Eglwyswrw YFC won the overall trophy, this was a day when everyone was a winner for their enthusiasm, camaraderie and uncomplaining suffrance as they sat in wet wheelbarrows, searched for radishes in a haystack and were left with egg all over their faces and in their hair