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SULTAN. The title of the Turkish sovereign and other Mahometan princes.

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She said that the Sultanate is keen to annually participate in WTM as it represents one of the largest specialized gathering in the field of travel and tourism at the global level, since the European market is an important market exporting tourism to the Sultanate and European tourists represent 19 percent of tourists visitingthe Sultanate annually.
She added that the past years saw an increase in the number of tourists from European countries up to 8 percent in 2014 compared to 2013, noting that the Sultanate received during the first seven months of 2015, about 234 thousand tourists from the European continent, with UK topping list of tourists coming to the Sultanate from Europe, as the Sultanate was visited until July 2015, by 79.
He also hailed the efforts done by WTO Secretariat General to ensure the success of the second revision of the Sultanate s trade policies.
Over the last six-years and since the first revision of the Sultanate s trade policies, many changes have taken place on the world arena including the global financial crisis which affected world economy in general, he added.
The Sultanate has achieved through its participation in Expo Milan a number of objectives, including to highlight the Sultanates geography, history and civilization, as well as the achievements of the Sultanate at all levels during the prosperous reign of His Majesty the Sultan, the promotion of the Sultanate as a distinct tourist and investment and destination for business opportunities in various economic fields.
The Sultanates interest in food was embodied in the exhibition , along with themes and issues related to food security that make up the regional and global attention, and communication and interaction with the international community on food security in general, which is of a great attention to the international community and its related organizations.
The Sultanate has become a model for peace; thanks to His Majesty the Sultan's wisdom, far-sighted vision and belief in the importance of peace, security and stability for development.