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Summative evaluation measures noted students that were able to apply knowledge, not only in a simulated environment, but also in case scenarios on course exams.
Experience suggests that no matter how successful a project proves to be, summative evaluation always identifies some lessons that can be applied to future projects.
Further, a summative evaluation of the implemented pilot system was carried out by interviewing direct stakeholders (project partners) to enrich the observations made by the authors and to gain information for future research and the subsequent user-centric evaluation of the system.
The act came into force in 2006 and, according to the AADNC summative evaluation, the act "can be viewed as supporting capacity development along the governance continuum, which may ultimately lead to comprehensive self-government arrangements.
Layng et al (2006) go on to describe a 3 X 3 matrix that illustrates the relation between evidence types found in both formative and summative evaluation, and the results of their intersection.
The evaluation ongoing at present can do no more than to present and to archive the data collected in such a way that independent summative evaluation and a meta-evaluation will be possible.
Summative evaluation involves measuring, ranking and formal grading.
Materials/Methods: The study design was a summative evaluation of pre and post test data and qualitative information from the wellness program director and staff.
As with formative research, the summative evaluation of Panwapa's impact took place across countries that were diverse in their cultures and languages.
The element of accountability--where teachers, students and administrators can know instantaneously how a student is doing--is something that is ongoing, both for formative as well as summative evaluation.
The impact of reform instruction on student mathematics achievement; an example of a summative evaluation of a standards-based curriculum.
A summative evaluation of the course revealed that the expectations for the majority of the presentations had been met and the academic level of the content was appropriate.