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Chase's Global Day of Service is scheduled for October 28th to capitalize on "Make a Difference Day," a national event in the United States sponsored by USA Weekend, a Sunday newspaper supplement, and the Points of Light Foundation.
said, "We have a three-part marketing campaign planned that includes ads on double-decker buses and in the Underground, radio advertising, and advertising in the Sunday newspaper supplement.
15AM Grim state-of-the-nation drama of lives being wasted in a small village in the Cotswolds far from the second homes paradise portrayed in Sunday newspaper supplements.
FOR a while now, I've been attempting to live my life according to the Sunday newspaper supplements.
With this growth in quality restaurants, has come national press coverage and acclaim, with our gastronomic merits regularly appearing in food magazines and Sunday newspaper supplements.
In addition, print advertisements will run in grilling issues of the popular Sunday newspaper supplements USA Weekend and Parade.