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SHIPWRECK. The loss of a vessel at sea, either. by being swallowed up by the waves, by running against another vessel or thing at sea, or on the coast. Vide Naufrage; Wreck.

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Army Corps of Engineers did a hydrographic survey Sunday of the harbor's sport and commercial boat basins to determine where sunken boats and debris might pose a hazard to mariners.
DiNonno got the idea from a Discovery Channel program about raising a sunken boat using 27,000 ping-pong balls.
Commercial divers Peter Devlin, Steve Russ and Malcolm Cubin were accused of straying onto a shipwreck, which locals believe was loaded with treasure, while salvaging tin ingots from another sunken boat nearby.
The men were eventually found clinging to a petrol canister from the sunken boat by the crew of a fishing boat about half a mile north of Tynemouth pier.
The sunken boat was identified as the Nikko Maru by its name and registration number, according to the officials.
Mr Blackley, 57, from Gourock, was recovered from the sunken boat on Saturday.
Glyn Phillips, chairman of the Sight Seen Partnership, said: "The sunken boat was jacked up using two boats either side of it as supports.
Rescuers stand on the sunken boat at dawn today, as bodies of the victims were pulled from the water
Police and Army divers have used a remote control underwater camera to search the wreckage of the sunken boat.
Soon though, Donovan gets into their way of life, and he is especially intrigued when his uncle, a mechanical genius who can fix just about anything, gets Donovan to help him raise a wrecked, sunken boat from its watery bed.
Two constables and a sergeant from the Marine Unit in a rigid hull inflatable boat, along with Tynemouth lifeboat monitored the operation as deep dive specialists went underwater and located the sunken boat.
Richard Thompson, of Leominster, was runner-up with 124lb of carp from another hot spot, peg 34 on the sunken boat.