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SHIPWRECK. The loss of a vessel at sea, either. by being swallowed up by the waves, by running against another vessel or thing at sea, or on the coast. Vide Naufrage; Wreck.

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is a phenomenon with its 37 sunken ships and organic products.
Though the leak was small, the diesel spill had spread over an area of around half a mile in diametre, 2,500 degrees eastside the sunken ship, basically due to the rough seas and unstable weather conditions.
The decision to fish out the sunken ship, the first operation of its kind in the Kingdom, was taken after it was found obstructing planned work on Qunfudah docks initiated by the Ministry of Agriculture.
There should be oil layer floating near the sunken ship.
The sunken ship is believed to contain gold, platinum and diamonds worth US$3.
Mello spent hours reading about the 1779 battle, the sunken ship, and its design and operation.
They were found inside the sunken ship, where the crewmen had apparently been trapped when their vessel was accidentally rammed by a Cypriot passenger ship last night, the Israel Police said in an official announcement.
Oil leaking from a sunken ship has broken through floating barriers off the Balearic Island of Ibiza, threatening a series of tiny islands that make up a protected bird sanctuary, officials said yesterday.
Five fixed lines led from the surface to the sunken ship, Capt.
Holiday in Hell - Louie Barby; The Mermaid - Katie Barrow; The Adventures of Jack Nile - Barrington Brook; The Sunken Ship - Jack Cooper; A Ghost Story - Lauren Forster; The Rock of Time - Adil Iqbal; A Tear to My Eye - Amy Kimmings; Master Conk's Fake Nose Device - Rohanna Lister; The Loner - Bethany Pogson; The Story of How the Hedgehog Got its Spikes - Jack Sykes
Sixteen other people arrested include five senior Richland officials and 11 senior members of the Richland-organized bogus investment scheme involving the salvaging of a treasure-carrying sunken ship, the police said.
In October 2003, after decades of failed deep-sea search operations, the company Odyssey Marine exploration discovered the sunken ship and "King Midas' dream": a field of gold coins strewn across the ocean floor.