sunshine laws

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Sunshine Laws

Statutes that mandate that meetings of governmental agencies and departments be open to the public at large.

Through sunshine laws, administrative agencies are required to do their work in public, and as a result, the process is sometimes called "government in the sunshine." A law that requires open meetings ordinarily specifies the only instances when a meeting can be closed to the public and mandates that certain procedures be followed before a particular meeting is closed. The Freedom of Information Act (5 U.S.C.A. § 552) requires agencies to share information they have obtained with the public. Exceptions are permitted, in general, in the interest of national security or to safeguard the privacy of businesses.


Administrative Agency; Administrative Law and Procedure.

sunshine laws

noun availability of government documents, availability of government information, availlbility of governmental records, freedom of information laws, freely available government information, open access to government information laws, open government laws
Associated concepts: Freedom of Information Act
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I'm sure being in this kind of a spotlight can seem overwhelming to them,'' said Jean Maneke, a Kansas City attorney who specializes in Sunshine Law issues.
104) Despite its dedication to public records, despite its groundbreaking Sunshine Law, despite its constitutional public right of access to information, Florida's less than stellar free press history in the U.
Called Sunshine Laws, the provisions are geared to expose conflicts of interest.
Matt Blunt, the parties settled, agreeing that the records were subject to the Sunshine Law and required to be released unless exemptions applied.
When pressed, Blunt told an Associated Press reporter, "Our policy is to follow the Sunshine Law.
As a resident of Kansas City, I have watched the politics of this project play out, and have reviewed the internal documents, obtained under the Missouri Sunshine law.
For example, federal judges in the Southern District of Florida met in September and agreed to study whether to expand that state's so-called sunshine law, which restricts privacy agreements, or possibly enact a total ban.
The new law adds an exemption to the state's Sunshine Law, allowing closure of meetings and records that contain specific information on terrorism-readiness issues.
Today, in light of its interpretation and application by Florida courts, the Sunshine Law is a remarkable act without a loophole.
When it comes to appropriate action in regard to preventing Sunshine law violations and proper record keeping, it is best to always look at the state's charter, consult the state attorney general for guidance and lastly, inform all participants that what they type or "say" in the electronic forum is on the public record.
However, in 1999 the Miccosukee Tribe fried a lawsuit against SFWMD claiming that the board had violated the state's Sunshine Law by making the decision without proper public involvement.
State, the Colorado courts determined that the sunshine law, which applies to the Colorado General Assembly, also includes legislative caucus meetings at which public business is discussed.

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