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SUPERCARGO, mar. law. A person specially employed by the owner of a cargo to take charge of the merchandise which has been shipped, to sell it to the best advantage, and to purchase returning cargoes and to receive freight, as he may be authorized.
     2. Supercargoes have complete control over the cargo, and everything which immediately concerns it, unless their authority is either expressly or impliedly restrained. 12 East, R. 381. Under certain circumstances, they are responsible for the cargo; 4 Mass. 115; see 1 Gill & John. 1; but the supercargo has no power to interfere with the government of the ship. 3 Pardes. n. 646; 1 Boulay-Paty, Dr. Com. 421.

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According to Neil Davidson, ports director at the maritime consultancy Drewry, the hardest task will be persuading the world's biggest shipping lines and operators of the supercargo ships that the dock will be designed to hold, to break their ties with the South-east ports.
The mission included 1620 pieces of cargo from 4th BCT, 3ID, to include 355 track vehicles and 6 supercargo soldiers that ride with the equipment on the vessel.
This discovery of an area of coast lying between 27[degrees] 30'S and 33[degrees]S was attributed to Jacob Dedel, the supercargo aboard the Amsterdam, by Hessel Gerritsz, the chief cartographer to the VOC (United East India Company) in his 'Caert van t' Landt van d'Eendracht uyt de Journalen ende afteyeningen der Stierluyden t'samengestelt, A[degrees]1627' (20).
That's because, in spite of it all, I remain the congenital optimist, firm in my belief that even the morons masquerading as the captains of higher education, while they might slow down the boat a bit with their supercargo, have got enough sense to steer clear of icebergs--and stay out of my engine room.
taken from the journal kept by Mr James Barbot, the supercargo, and part owner with other adventurers of London, in the Albion-Frigate [a slave ship], of 300 tons and 24 guns'.
But Supercargo said a 10-month push to cut the prices of condoms as part of a concerted bid to cut teenage pregnancies and sexuallytransmitted diseases had ended in victory.
Supercargo on a ship with a crew of twelve, the stranger was the only survivor when his junk was swept out to sea and drifted for four months with a broken rudder.
A nice contrast to Rogers is the journal of Edwin Blood, a young man from Newburyport who visited Calcutta as secretary to a supercargo in the 1850s.
Experiential learning correlation Doctrine-Based Experiential Learning Examples Training Team Team certification In-transit security executed by 3 to 6 soldier teams on classified supercargo mission Squad Squad situational Quick-reaction force training exercise consisting of 10 soldiers providing first response combat/lifesaver and outer perimeter security for a bomb threat Platoon Platoon external Platoon operations in support evaluation of the Kosovo Force/ Stabilization Force, and Operation Enduring Freedom Company Company Army Operational center for training/ managing all dispersed and evaluation program specialized small-unit missions above, simultaneously
We provided two supercargo personnel to accompany the equipment on the ship and sent two advanced-party personnel to secure accommodations at the destination, but little else could have been done that would benefit the unit during the deployment process.
He's first mate on the Ghostly Galleon carrying Edith Stein as supercargo, Irene as dramaturge.
A total of 75 pieces of cargo, 30 ammunition containers, and one supercargo rider were loaded onto MV Advantage.