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Evancho had already been earning superlatives before her appearances in "America's Got Talent'' in 2010.
According to the BBC website, their star pundit Mark Lawrenson is "beginning to run out of superlatives to describe the Welshman".
Bahrain Science Centre has broadened the scope of its 'Bahraini Innovation' themed activities during December and January to include innovations and superlatives from the whole Arab world.
That's the reason Plotnik took it upon himself to compile this volume of "some 6,000 suggested alternatives to stale superlatives.
Every year since 1955, Guinness World Records has compiled an astounding collection of superlatives.
Superlatives related to military service are fascinating and sometimes noteworthy: longest serving, oldest or most decorated, for instance.
Summary: Yet another example of Dubai's fixation with superlatives.
The Al Habtoor Group has said it is determined to deliver a property that really lives up to the superlatives that are so often used to describe these kinds of developments and to that end has scoured the globe to find the most creative designers, architects, interior and landscape artists.
To help prospective jurors identify with your injured client and imagine how it would feel to suffer a life-changing injury, use superlatives in voir dire.
What seemed bold in 1967 still inspires superlatives today, and the crisp images of Opus Arte's DVD production trump the fuzzy visuals of conventional television.
Superlatives abounded in the national media on November 15, 2005, when Andre Boisclair was elected leader of the Parti Quebecois by a large margin.
Superlatives can incite much love and war, and many casualties, before we finally figure out that someone even more superlative always comes along.