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From this time the Blackbird seemed endowed with supernatural powers, to possess the gift of prophecy, and to hold the disposal of life and death within his hands.
Such a connection between the first and second sections is easily seen, but the links between these and the third and fourth are no less real: to make life go tolerably smoothly it is most important to be just and to know how to win a livelihood; but happiness also largely depends on prudence and care both in social and home life as well, and not least on avoidance of actions which offend supernatural powers and bring ill-luck.
Every phenomenon linked to nature and humans are directly related to the supernatural power which is named Hala' Asal.
When Heaven Invades Earth for Teens: Your Guide to God's supernatural Power
com)-- 1Tribe Media this week launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund a graphic novel that they say will teach children the difference between supernatural power that brings life and supernatural power that brings death.
explains Pentecostalism as arising from the 19th-century mission movement with the purpose of swiftly evangelizing the world in supernatural power.
The making of a nkisi of this caliber called on the skills of both a gifted sculptor and a ritual specialist knowledgeable in the art of preparing and applying potent medicines that would charge the figure with supernatural power and activate it during ritual use.
For many who bemoan the greater sexual openness of the last half-century, Kinsey is not merely a messenger to be shot but a figure imbued with an almost supernatural power to change the culture.
The ring clearly symbolizes both earthly and supernatural power.
Both to the Hindu -- whose deities are mere repositories of supernatural power to be appeased and propitiated -- and to the Buddhist -- whose philosophy-religion does not posit a Supreme Being as such and takes human suffering as a given, arising from desires that must be extinguished -- pain is not a paradox but the product of fate or divine caprice.
Urban workers need supernatural power to keep going and to remain optimistic, creative, and even "full of humor.
Greater than Magic - The Supernatural Power of Faith Becky Dvorak