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He kept up in war the same idea of mysterious and supernatural power.
Every European vessel brought new cargoes of the sect, eager to testify against the oppression which they hoped to share; and when shipmasters were restrained by heavy fines from affording them passage, they made long and circuitous journeys through the Indian country, and appeared in the province as if conveyed by a supernatural power.
Although its characters have supernatural powers, Shadowglade is a thriller grounded in realistic police procedure, said the film's production manager, Anthony Galizia.
Further, If Mr Corbyn does get the job we should perhaps wait and see what the opinion polls say after a few months rather than pretending we have supernatural powers of precognisance.
The SNP are a powerful, surging force in politics but the party of ex-Tories, former Libs, Labourites, Nationalist Socialists and old-fashioned tartan patriots are awarding themselves supernatural powers.
Policehave gone into a school to warn pupils that the Charlie Charlie Challenge social media craze is "fake" and that there are no genies or supernatural powers behind it.
A cardinal persuades them to escort a suspected witch to a monastery to stand trial for causing the plague, but during their journey, they realise she has supernatural powers beyond their reckoning.
6RACE 6 RACE TO WITCH MOUNTAIN (2009) FAMILY adventure movie about a taxi driver who comes to the aid of two young children with supernatural powers.
The Batek tribe believes that nature as found within the vicinity of their settlements is a gift from the supernatural powers for the wellbeing of mankind.
The duo claimed they possessed supernatural powers for solving problems by using witchcraft and ruqiyya, against a payment ranging from Dh4,000 to Dh7,000.
Here the life of Jodie Holmes, who has supernatural powers through her link to a mysterious invisible entity, provides the narrative backdrop.
He encounters a most remarkable girl, Lettie Hempstock, and her mother and grandmother who are filled with immense knowledge and supernatural powers.