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He kept up in war the same idea of mysterious and supernatural power.
Summary: Hyderabad (Telangana) [India], Dec 22 (ANI): The police have arrested a gang of four persons for duping people into buying objects like bowls, pots, and coins, claiming they would attract rice by virtue of having supernatural powers.
Boruto 1 is a "must-read" for fans of the long-running Naruto series of shonen manga (action-packed Japanese comics suitable for teens as well as adults) about ninja with the supernatural powers to promote peace or war.
The focus then switches to Matt and Em, twins who also have supernatural powers.
It's the final episode of this gripping thriller centred around a teenager with supernatural powers.
FIRST, he goes scarily quiet and intense, then his nose starts to bleed - cue the devastation caused by his supernatural powers (Him, ITV, Wednesday).
A 17-year-old boy trapped in an emotional vacuum between two divorced parents struggles to come to terms with not only his own coming-ofage, but also the fact that he has inherited terrifying supernatural powers from his grandfather.
The SNP are a powerful, surging force in politics but the party of ex-Tories, former Libs, Labourites, Nationalist Socialists and old-fashioned tartan patriots are awarding themselves supernatural powers.
Policehave gone into a school to warn pupils that the Charlie Charlie Challenge social media craze is "fake" and that there are no genies or supernatural powers behind it.
This leads to dangerous complications until it is discovered she, like the Silvers, has supernatural powers.
A cardinal persuades them to escort a suspected witch to a monastery to stand trial for causing the plague, but during their journey, they realise she has supernatural powers beyond their reckoning.