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SUPERVISOR. An overseer; a surveyor.
     2. There are officers who bear this name whose duty it is to take care of the highways.

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Tony Hey, another community payback superviser said: "These groups enjoy it and enjoy the feedback.
The superviser highlighted that the drones are automatically operational and programmed in advance.
Stansfield, 45, was breathalysed by officers from British Transport Police after a station superviser smelled alcohol on his breath.
Dave moved up the career ladder in 2000 when he was promoted to workshop superviser at Dudley ambulance station, before becoming fleet manager for Birmingham and the Black Country in 2007.
Before the internship, the superviser will inform constantly the students about the opportunities of internship program; will meet with local, regional, and national employers for internship development; will schedule and instruct pre-internship seminars; will verify all Internship Learning Contracts for accuracy and completeness and will seek to identify current and measurable methods to evaluate interns and the internship program by working with experiential educational professional associations and faculty and students feed-back.
I would like to acknowledge my clinical superviser Kim Brookes (Metlifecare) and the manager of the Beechworth Home and Hospital, Melva Nicholson, who has been a fantastic mentor over the last several years.
Hempstead superviser Kate Murray said: "Instead of using a mower that uses gasoline that emits greenhouse gasses and the line trimmers which emit greenhouse gasses as well, these goats obviously will be doing none of that.
Ms Preece has more than 25 years' experience, including two spells at Rubin Lewis O'Brien spanning 15 years, as both a conveyancing secretary and a conveyancing team leader and superviser.
The suit also alleges that Berger did not investigate another allegation that Morris was sexually abusing a neighbor boy, and that Berger did not bring the allegations to the attention of his superviser or to a Citizen Review Board charged with overseeing foster care placements.
Superviser Tina Houchin said: "Now we have our own mixed double - a young male and female.
They include CCTV, joining the local Pubwatch scheme, a designated superviser present from 6pm at weekends until the end of the night, and a personal licence holder on site during all hours that alcohol is being sold.
Anne, who lives in Skelmanthorpe, is both an ETA and lunchtime superviser at the special school.

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