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It is certainly foreseeable that public officials might hesitate to forfeit their offices and end their careers before taking on the acting presidency, particularly if the prospect of supplantation loomed.
In all of these cases, parental supplantation is required because
The narrative employs the ritual of succession against itself in order to elicit a new way of thinking by shifting the values of its component parts, and Hardy's change in calling the sections of the novel "phase [s] ," instead of the original "book[s]" (Laird 6), connotes growth and supplantation as if the narrative were a form of metamorphosis.
In reality, the history of advertising and communication is replete with predictions of media supplantation.
In Rambler 9 Johnson comments on the rivalry between men of different trades and professions: while it "betrays men to a thousand ridiculous and mischievous acts of supplantation and detraction, yet as almost all passions have their good as well as bad effects, it likewise excites ingenuity, and sometimes raises an honest and useful emulation of diligence" (1969, 3: 49).
The space of signification left unfilled by the supplantation then acts to destabilize equivalence and subrogation.
Moreover, in his theory of replacement Thagard distinguishes four possibilities, according to the degree of cumulativeness: incorporation, sublation, supplantation, and disregard (p.
This supplantation may be attributable to the excellent side effect and safety profile of SSRIs compared with that of other available drugs.
In other words, both Eagleton and McKeon (among others) understand the social questions of the early modern period as part of a dialectical process rather than as a supplantation of one fixed category (aristocracy) with another (middle class).
Such change should incorporate substantial privatization of government enterprises, supplantation of state orders and directives by market exchange processes (including substantial price increases to eliminate most subsidies), and substitution of family-based farming for collective farms.
14) Factors such as the application of customary law, the supplantation of cattle by money in lobola (bridewealth), and the breakdown in mutual obligations between wage earners and relatives in the homestead (which was seen as a rupture in age and traditional authority) brought to the fore concerns about the social and cultural integrity of Zulu society.