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For Benjamin, anthropological shifts have political and artistic consequences, and one can recall Schmitt's disgust with the way in which "Les Suppliants Paralleles" appears to aestheticize the horror of Bloody Sunday, as Peguy juxtaposes Oedipus with the demonstrators in Saint Petersburg.
51) Like a Christian suppliant, Tamora sups on Rome through the sexual and political body of Saturninus, and in so doing becomes part of the Roman body politic.
Where chairs are not available, the host spreads a readily-available ground-cover, since sitting directly on the earth or floor is a sign of abject humiliation, appropriate only for a suppliant.
Third, it is a perspective that makes of the church's members patient suppliants before the one who alone can bring about the fullness of unity.
This was true not only of the position in colonies and protectorates but also of that in other states, such as China, with a shift from Westerners' presentation of themselves as merchants and as suppliants for favour and, instead, an emphasis on state representation from a superior background.
In Mark, "Teacher" is the address used more often than any other title by those who speak to Jesus: disciples (9:5; 10:35; 13:1), suppliants (9:17; 10:51), and even opponents (12:14, 19, 32), the latter with some sarcasm as they attempt to trick him with their legal puzzles.
38) Gregory of Nyssa concluded his panegyric on Saint Theodore by calling on him to rally his fellow saints to respond to the suppliants present at the martyr's festival since "the prayers of many just people will exonerate sin.
In the current debate on gay marriage, its advocates are cast in the role of long-oppressed suppliants demanding their just due.
One goal of religion is to connect needy suppliants with the source of life: according to Jewish and Christian parlance, this occurs when God blesses the people.
He argues that in having Goffredo spare the pagan king Altamoro at the end of the poem Tasso critiques the ethos of revenge common to Homeric and Virgilian epic: Achilles and Aeneas both slay suppliants, but Goffredo does not.
How did Italian communists go from being protagonists of progress and principles to suppliants of globalisation?
He was nominated for a best newcomer award for his lead role in fringe production Suppliants, has worked on BBC 2 drama Brothers And Sisters and co-stars with All Saint's singer Melanie Blatt in forthcoming FilmFour movie Dog Eat Dog.