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In Beijing, Riyadh, or Moscow, however, the same CEO is a supplicant.
But surely within the 800 or so potions used in the ceremonies, some mix will give supplicants a nice buzz--after all, there's lots of money on the table.
The already married supplicants (and in certain cases also those who had not yet married but had been living together for a long time) sometimes indicate in their petition, whether they had consummated their marriage or not and if they had children.
Their clients are supplicants to their largesse and they prefer it that way, just as government prefers us all to be supplicants rather than responsible partners exercising power.
Like these other supplicants, the rich man in the Mark 10 story runs up to Jesus on the road and falls on his knees, using the same Greek word ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]) as the leper in Mark 1:40.
She keeps rocking chairs in her office, hoping that they will calm emotional supplicants.
Supplicants are always welcome and the powerful will always consider the pleadings of lesser beings--before rejecting them.
If allowed to invest their own funds in market investments, instead of being turned into supplicants of the state, young people could expect to receive at least triple the benefits promised by Social Security today.
2% in the prior survey conducted two years ago, when it was also at the top of the list of supplicants.
Smiling his crinkly smile, treating his supplicants like the big shots they weren't, Reagan appeared in grip-and-grin photos from the Cascade Mountains to the Sonoran Desert.
For Putin, it's important that Russia stands up from its knees and becomes a full-fledged World Bank member, not as supplicants but as members of the global finance community", Trenin says.
1) Real-estate mogul Donald Trump puts his supplicants, er, applicants through their paces for a dream job on NBC's ``The Apprentice.