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As a verb, furnishing funds or means for maintenance; to maintain; to provide for; to enable to continue; to carry on. To provide a means of livelihood. To vindicate, to maintain, to defend, to uphold with aid or countenance.

As a noun, that which furnishes a livelihood; a source or means of living; subsistence, sustenance, maintenance, or living.

Support includes all sources of living that enable a person to live in a degree of comfort suitable and befitting her station in life. Support encompasses housing, food, clothing, health, nursing, and medical needs, along with adequate recreation expenses. Most states impose a legal duty on an individual to support his or her spouse and children.


Child Support.


(Assistance), noun accommodation, aid, assist, assistance, auxilium, backing, contribution, cooperation, defense, encouragement, endowment, help, helping hand, lift, livelihood, mainstay, maintenance, patronage, preservation, promotion, relief, subsistence, succor, subsidium, sustenance, upkeep
Associated concepts: alimony, child support, failure to prooide support, inadequate support, maintenance


(Corroboration), noun affirmation, approval, attestation, authentication, backing, certification, confirmation, documentation, endorsement, fortification, justification, ratification, strengthening, validation, verification, vindication


(Assist), verb accommodate, adesse, aid, back, bolster, champion, come to the defense of, come to the help of, contribute, cooperate with, defend, endorse, feed, finance, furnish funds, further, help, lend money to, maintain, minister to, nourish, patronize, protect, provide for, reinforce, second, subsidize, suffragari, supply the necessities of, sustain, take care of, take the part of, uphold
Foreign phrases: Parentum est liberos alere atiam nothos.It is the duty of parents to support their children even when illegitimate.


(Corroborate), verb accredit, affirm, attest, authenticate, back up, bear out, buttress, certify, confirm, establish, make absolute, make good, make more certain, prove, ratify, reinforce, strengthen, substantiate, sustain, uphold in evidence, validate, verify, vindicate, vouch for


(Justify), verb account for, approve, defend, defend successfully, explain, give grounds for, make deeense for, make legitimate, provide justification, say in deeense, stand up for, vindicate
See also: abet, abettor, accept, accommodate, accommodation, adhere, adhesion, advantage, advocacy, advocate, agree, aid, alimony, allegiance, allow, approval, approve, assist, assistance, attest, auspices, authorize, backing, base, basis, bear, behalf, benevolence, bolster, bulwark, capitalize, care, certification, charity, charter, choose, concede, concur, confederate, confirm, confirmation, conform, consent, conservation, continue, contribute, cornerstone, corroborate, corroboration, cosign, countenance, countersign, coverage, defend, defense, demonstrate, document, documentation, ecology, embrace, enable, encourage, endorse, enforcement, espouse, establish, excuse, expedite, favor, fealty, finance, foster, foundation, frame, fund, goodwill, grant, ground, guarantee, guaranty, help, indorse, indorsement, insurance, invest, involve, justify, keep, let, livelihood, loyalty, mainstay, maintain, nurture, organize, palliate, participate, partisan, pass, patronage, patronize, pay, pension, permission, permit, preservation, preserve, promise, promote, protect, protection, prove, quote, reassure, recommend, recommendation, regard, reinforce, reinforcement, reliance, relief, resource, safekeeping, safety, sanction, seal, security, service, shelter, side, sponsor, structure, subscribe, subsidize, substantiate, sustain, sustenance, tolerate, underwrite, uphold, verify, vouch

SUPPORT. The right of support is an easement which one man, either by contract or prescription, enjoys, to rest the joists or timbers of his house upon the wall of an adjoining building, owned by another person. 3 Kent, Com. 435. Vide Lois des Bat. part. 1, c. 3, s. a. 1, Sec. T; Party wall.

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Supporting the resolution, Senior Provincial Minister, Nawab Sanaullah Khan Zehri, Advisor to Chief Minister, Haji Mohammad Khan Lehri, Pashtoonkhwa Milli Awami Party MPA, Syed Liaquat Ali Agha and others said that the government should facilitate the farmers community of Balochistan by announcing support price of paddy.
A senior official of Food and Civil Supplies Department, said a further three procurement centres were established to allow farmers of respective regions to sell their crops for the minimum support price.
financial year 2014-2015, the minimum support price has been decided for the
A day after the winter session of the Maharashtra Legislature got under way in Nagpur, the BJP-led opposition members mounted pressure on the Congress-led Democratic Front (DF) government demanding Rs6,000 (Dh414) per 100 kilogrammes as the minimum support price for cotton produced by farmers in the state.
The present system of increasing the sugarcane support price only encourages the farmer plantation expansion at the cost of other competitive crops that proves only temporary phase.
He said the government should also take steps to guarantee attractive support prices at par with the import prices we pay for edible oil.
Restoring the support prices will provide an immediate boost to the economic stability of Pennsylvania's nearly 7,300 dairy farm families, and help them begin to rebuild the decades of equity lost during the past 15 months.
But Tikait said the farmers would continue with their protests till an adequate support price is fixed.
Typically, when international prices for wheat (in US$) have surged, domestic prices have not followed tip, and the same has been true when international prices have dipped, suggesting, in the first instance, that measures were taken to protect the domestic consumers, and in the second instance, the domestic producers, including through the support price mechanism.
Over four years, this is cutting support price levels for dairy products by 22%, as well as making large cuts in export refunds and domestic subsidies.
The Commission is proposing to cut the market support price for beef by 30 per cent in three stages to 1,950 ecus (pounds 1,363) a tonne by mid-2002.
He said that there are complaints about getting the benefits of the wheat support price.

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