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The Evidence-and Consensus-Based Support Surface Algorithm distills more than 20 years of published research into an easy-to-navigate visual decision tree that clinicians can easily use to guide bed surface selection in the hospital.
MacMillan, Chairman, president and CEO of Stryker, said:"Gaymar provides our Medical division with an attractive portfolio of high-performance support surface and pressure ulcer management products that target an approximately $1.
10) Coating the zeolite seed on the support surface before hydrothermal synthesis, which is also called a secondary growth method, is an effective approach to develop a high-quality zeolite membrane.
When used in conjunction with a pressure redistribution mattress, ClimateCare is designed to address the root causes of tissue breakdown through the management of temperature and moisture (microclimate) at the interface between the patient's skin and the therapy support surface.
Somatosensory inputs provide information about the position of the body and body parts relative to each other and to the support surface.
Bereft of a visible support surface, the free-floating labels constituted a kind of Suprematist environment, their variable size reflecting different distances from the viewer.
NASDAQ: SPAN) announced today that it has been awarded a contract with the federal government for ongoing purchases of the company's line of proprietary specialty support surface products.
A therapeutic support surface is a specialized mattress or cushion that redistributes body pressure to achieve optimal management of tissue loads, skin moisture and temperature.
Thus, for example, if a resident has been identified as a pressure ulcer risk and the facility is using an overlay product, but the overlay is not properly inflated per the manufacturing recommendations or the resident does not fall within the weight requirements for the product, the facility could be cited for not properly addressing the proper support surface if the resident develops a pressure ulcer.
The intent of these products is to reduce interface pressure, forces that act between the body and the support surface and are primarily affected by the composition of the body tissue, the stiffness of the support surface, and characteristics of the resident's body.
In addition, we expect to launch the new Custom Care[TM] line of convertible therapeutic support surfaces later this year as well as a new high-end, all-foam support surface targeted primarily at the acute care market.
Figure 3-1: Total Therapeutic Support Surface Market by Segment, U.

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