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025 micrometers Ra, and the SJ-411 enables the company to confirm that the final parts meet customers' critical surface finish requirements.
The steel can appear to have a different color when polished or roughed up but it's the surface finish and how it reflects light that changes the color appearance.
This paper addresses the issue of high copper roughness in conjunction with thin surface finish plating, such as immersion silver and immersion tin performance.
Taylor says the surface finish of the RCBS steel dies is sub-micron (roughness value) when they come off the machine.
The semi-automated process provides a surface finish of 32 to 63 microns.
It will be the first commercial line to provide a nano sized surface finish for printed circuit boards.
Lazarra, who calls the new tool SurfaceCalc, explains his motivation: "I'm often asked by frustrated assemblers, 'What's the best Pb-free surface finish for me?
Excel first tried a 2" wiper-type face mill with four inserts, but even at a 42 ipm or less feed, surface finish ranged from 7 RMS to 35 RMS, so every piece needed a profilometer check.
Also shown will be Mikron's HSM 600U, specifically designed to provide simultaneous five-axis high-speed machining of large workpieces to produce the highest quality surface finish for demanding high-precision applications.
Q We have a customer that is asking for a finer surface finish from our sand castings than we can provide.
For calendered parts, SP is said to reduce shrinkage, improve surface finish and gauge consistency.
NuTec flow switches are available in advanced non-intrusive thermal mass flow sensor configurations with a 10 Ra surface finish suitable for use in high purity and sanitary media.

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