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In order to prove equivalent performance between the metal surface mount package with its corresponding PIN package equivalent, three types of circuits were built into both styles.
Also, the repeatability of the solderless connections between the microwave fixture and the surface mount package accommodated by the hardware was investigated.
Both the CopperTen surface mount box and faceplate serve as workstation mounting platforms for voice, video and data modular connectors, delivering a high performance solution that increases workstation density in a single gang-mounting platform while optimizing Augmented Category 6 performance.
This outlook is based upon ongoing Surface Mount Technology analysis.
Products include magnetics (discrete components, power transformers and MagJack(R) connectors with integrated magnetics), modules (dc-dc converters, integrated analog front end modules, custom designs), circuit protection (miniature, micro and surface mount fuses) and interconnect devices (passive jacks, plugs and cable assemblies).
The new surface mount hand test socket for CSP and QFN devices can be used for frequencies beyond 30GHz and in pitches from 0.
The manufacturers that have a clear-cut understanding of the changing environment will become the market leaders in the SMT industry," says Keith Robinson, Industry Manager for Frost & Sullivan's Surface Mount Technology group.
The SolidMatrix(R) slow-blow chip fuses and the SolidMatrix(R) fast-acting surface mount monolithic chip fuses, represent the leading edge of Richardson Electronics' technologically advanced product offering to the RF and Wireless Communications market.
Valpey Fisher Corporation (AMEX:VPF) has launched a new series of 5X7 mm Surface Mount HCMOS 1.

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