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As shown in FIGURE 1, the path of the nozzle crosses directly over nine surface mount components.
Surface Mount Technology (SMT) Placement Equipment Market
As TRiMEGA's first integrated surface mount technology offering, the Modular Surface Mount VMB incorporates the Kinetics family of substrates, including 1-1/8" K1s, 1-1/2" K1R2, and K1H for higher flow applications on a common Versa-Plane(TM) mounting platform; Air Products' 24" VMB enclosure fitted with inlet and vent piping spools; and a GASGUARD AP3 Controller that provides graphical display interface.
Bourns has introduced the Model 3361 to meet a growing industry need for rugged surface mount trimming products that are able to withstand the rigorous demands generated by modern board processing," said Darryl Craft, product line manager for Bourns.
SCG's broad portfolio of high performance low voltage surface mount MOSFETs satisfies a growing market demand for high efficiency MOSFETs for portable and wireless applications.
By introducing the world's thinnest top emitting surface mount LEDs in an industry-standard ChipLED package configuration, designers can develop even smaller and thinner mobile handsets, handheld games and other miniature devices.
The sixth annual Surface Mount International: Advanced Electronics Manufacturing Technologies conference and exhibition runs from September 8 - 12, 1996, at the San Jose Convention Center in San Jose, Calif.
Manufacturing includes nine new surface mount production lines with the capacity to pick and place over 150,000,000 components per month," said Daniel Bernstein, Bel's president.
OSP offers another advantage over HASL by maintaining the PCB's surface planarity, an increasingly important assembly aspect when surface mount components are involved.

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