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Although usage data reveals that our property management clients currently use iPads more than Surface tablets, over the past 12 months, the percentage of community staff who used Surface tablets is trending upward significantly.
However, the focus has now shifted to the MacBook users in an attempt to lure them with the Surface tablets.
We have only two models available but our partners have multiple form factors and we are not competing with them - Surface is launched just to create a differentiator with the power of the operating system," Abu-Ltaif said, adding that the Surface tablet represented Microsoft's attempt to showcase the power of Windows 8.
Last month, Microsoft knocked $100 off the price of high-end versions of its Surface tablet, which is competing against Apple's iPad and other devices that use Google's Android system.
Microsoft is hoping its move into online services, alongside its new Surface tablets, will push it into the forefront of mobile computing, which has been led by Google's Android software and Apple's combination of slick hardware and apps.
Anecdotal reports suggest considerable consumer interest in Microsoft's Surface tablet, according to a published report that also notes the tablet is on a three-week back order.
The company is also launching a version called Windows RT, designed for tablets and available pre-installed on new devices including its own Surface tablet.
com's customers to easily make their hotel and accommodation bookings from the new Windows 8 platform using either their Windows 8 PC or Microsoft's new Surface tablet.
The Surface tablet will run Windows 8 and comes with a detachable keyboard.
The new Surface tablet computer by Microsoft is displayed at its unveiling in Los Angeles, California.
6" panels, especially for Microsoft's Surface tablet, are also seeing a strong ramp up in the second half of 201.
6-inch LCD panels, especially for Surface tablet PC from Microsoft, to surge in the second half of 2012.