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The edge or border; the edge of a body of water where it meets the land. As applied to a boundary line of land, the margin of a river, creek, or other watercourse means the center of the stream. But in the case of a lake, bay, or natural pond, the margin means the line where land and water meet.In finance, the difference between market value of loan collateral and face value of loan.

A sum of money, or its equivalent, placed in the hands of a Broker by the principal or person on whose account a purchase or sale of Securities is to be made, as a security to the former against losses to which he or she may be exposed by subsequent fluctuations in the market value of the stock. The amount paid by the customer when he uses a broker's credit to buy a security.

In commercial transactions the difference between the purchase price paid by an intermediary or retailer and the selling price, or difference between price received by manufacturer for its goods and costs to produce. Also called gross profit margin.


(Outside limit), noun bank, border, boundary, bounds, brim, brink, circumference, curb, edge, frame, fringe, hem, ledge, limit, lip, outskirt, perimeter, periphery, portal, rim, shore, skirt, threshold, verge


(Spare amount), noun amount reserved, elbowroom, extra amount for contingencies, extra amount for emergencies, headway, latitude, leeway, reserve, reserved amount, room, room to spare, space
Associated concepts: margin of profit
See also: balance, border, boundary, edge, extremity, latitude, mete, outline, penumbra, periphery, plethora, scope, space, surplus
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In addition, while the current study design is not able to provide sufficiently powered comparisons on cancer control outcomes between OP and RAP, positive surgical margins and PSA-free recurrence rates appear to be the same between the 2 approaches, particularly when risk-stratified.
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Table 4: Bivariate and multivariate analysis comparison of positive surgical margin rates between laparoscopic and robotics groups over each set of 50 cases [Table omitted]
They have been shown in various series to affect surgical margin status.
In addition, those who had negative surgical margins, meaning no cancer cells at the outer edge of the tissue, and those who received breast conserving surgery tended to have low mortality and low recurrence rates (all, <.
The overall positive surgical margin rate for patients who had LRP was 18%, compared with 6% for those who underwent RALP.
VELscope technology is the first tissue fluorescence technology to receive FDA and Health Canada clearance to assist surgeons in determining the appropriate surgical margin for the successful excision of oral cancer and pre-cancer.
In this study, the relationship between the presence of the tertiary Gleason pattern and age, the preoperative PSA, clinical stage, biopsy scores, postoperative pathology results (Gleason score, pathological stage, extracapsular extension, seminal vesicle invasion, lymph node invasion, surgical margin positivity), and postoperative PSA levels were analyzed.
The surgical margins (R0/R1) must be reported clearly.