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Ultimately, as part of these potentially negative consequences of a positive ban on surveillance technology with boost in Western moral does little to promote democracy and human rights in dictatorships, while a negative signal will result in regimes being more suspicious and obstinate in non democracies.
John Deng, Vimicro's chairman and CEO, said, 'We are pleased to form this strategic alliance with the State Grid Hunan Electric Power Corporation, which is a testament of the adoption of the SVAC national video surveillance technology standard by China's electric power industry.
We in the security industry are intent on employing surveillance technology wherever possible in the future to solve crimes.
Federal Bureau of Investigation Electronic Surveillance Technology Section 14800 Conference Center Drive, Suite 300 Chantilly, Virginia 20151-3810
The government contends it has the right to use powerful new surveillance technology under a 1994 law to bring law-enforcement techniques into the modern era.
Provisions of the Omnibus Crime Control and Safe Streets Act, passed in 1968, provided privacy from telephone taps and concealed microphones, the surveillance technology of the day.
Take the notorious case of the British video, Caught in the Act, a compilation of violence, sex in elevators, and odd behavior that was captured by surveillance technology and made commercially available.

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