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Both Ross and Hamer postulated that epidemic and endemic patterns depended on the rate at which susceptible individuals contacted infected individuals.
Rather than limiting our estimate to those homes below the FPL, we define our at-risk population as the susceptible individuals living within these homes (i.
A large, randomised controlled trial is being conducted in 10 European countries to clarify whether breastfeeding and early gluten introduction are effective in preventing CD in genetically susceptible individuals.
AIM: Idiopathic photodermatoses (IP) are a recurrent, acquired sunlight-induced rash of delayed onset, appearing after exposure to ultraviolet radiation in susceptible individuals.
The human health impacts of poor air quality can lead to asthma and respiratory issues especially in highly susceptible individuals such as children, the elderly or those in minority and/or disadvantaged populations.
While the cause of lupus is poorly understood, some work suggests that the Epstein-Barr virus may trigger the disease in susceptible individuals.
New research suggests extreme physical activity can scar the right ventricle of the heart in susceptible individuals.
Perhaps repeated use of methamphetamine and cannabis in some susceptible individuals can trigger latent schizophrenia by sensitising the brain to dopamine, a brain chemical thought to be associated with psychosis," he added.
This new finding will help us to understand why certain patients get infected and also what novel therapeutic strategies might be important in boosting host immunity in susceptible individuals.
This is hugely significant since many of the test kits on the market can not detect highly processed proteins, yet these proteins can still remain allergenic: for susceptible individuals.
A CONTROVERSIAL arthritis drug may prevent skin cancer developing in susceptible individuals, research suggests.
The ability to identify more susceptible individuals would make it possible to target obesity-prevention resources on those who need them most.