suspension of disbelief

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I can suspend disbelief but when Tennant came round, revived by a cuppa, the show turned into a poor panto with hammy exchanges and ham-fisted swashbuckling.
The wall texts and catalogue do not always tell us, unless we are meant to suspend disbelief and give some credit to occult concepts like "vital fluid" and ectoplasm.
What makes the Amish such an odd and appealing object of cultural tourism is that the visitor is asked to suspend disbelief, trusting that the Amish are of today, not faux relics of a manufactured past, like Colonial Williamsburg.
As a mutual rethinking of phenomenology and theology, this turn may require some readers to suspend disbelief in order to appreciate it, but to do so is well worth the effort.
The fact is that a lot of people suspend disbelief that we could lose a right in the United States--we don't lose rights in the United States; Roe isn't going to be overturned; Bush isn't really going to do this.
It must allow the user to suspend disbelief, to get caught up in the emotion of flying.
The viewer must suspend disbelief in order to accept the sudden attraction and sexual passion between Husband and Elizabeth.
He or she will suspend disbelief and eagerly press on to see what and how things will be resolved.
I think that over the last decade it has become apparent that we mathematicians can actually learn a lot in interacting with physicists if we suspend disbelief for a while," Morrison says.
Dagwood's Sandwich Shoppes have the fun, entertaining and universal appeal of the comic strip and, like the strip, they will offer guests the opportunity to suspend disbelief and step into a fun, wholesome, comic strip world.
45PM Suspend disbelief for this sci-fi thriller starring Noel Clarke.
ASI III I "It's so easy to suspend disbelief when you see them.