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Cardiffresponded almost immediately as a corner was swang in for aldridge to slam home and give Cardiffa chance to get back into the game.
Mcandrews, Sarkary Swang (2008), estudian el efecto sobre el diferencial LIBOR-OIS a 3 meses de los hechos relevantes (anuncio y subastas) para el periodo 2007:Q1-2008:Q4, mediante un analisis de regresion y concluyen en su modelo base que cuando se anuncia la medida o se produce una subasta el diferencial a 3 cae en 2.
In the context of his writing poems as a fight for survival, and his writing letters revealing the richness of his thought, Crane swang between the past and the present, finally deciding against the desolateness of T.
Teen die einde van die 1990's was die Waarheids- en Versoeningskommissie se sittings in volle swang.
The Islamic leader, who spoke in the presence of the Sudanese president Omer Hassan al-Bashir, seemed tolerant towards the regime and said the country swang between military and democratic regimes because people usually seek to achieve stability in the military rule however they uprise against it after a while.
That swing, swang and twang is pulled from the musical roots of such bands as Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys and the Tune Wranglers.
Several top officers including North Chotanagpur IGP Laxman Singh, Bokaro DCP Uma Shankar Singh and SP Jitendra Singh, visited Swang Gulgulia Dhoura village -- around 65 km from Bokaro -- to meet the victim.
In Akrotiri, Swang restaurant, I love food in general, I can eat anytime, anything.
Head teacher Clive Wisby, 39, said: "He said Kevin Keegan rang him and that swang it.
Clad in voluminous swathes of bright silk, her partner Anton Du Beke courageously swang her around the dance floor just over a year ago, in an appearance which divided the nation between those enraged she should stay in the show when she couldn't dance and those who loved her chutzpah, and frankly found it all very entertaining.
People got scared for a moment when the bridge swang.