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CHEEKY swingers are planning to celebrate Halloween with a bang at a luxury hotel.
And the oldest swingers in town appear to be the worst unsafe sex offenders, according to the study.
Part one presents many statistics in nicely laid out tables that compare the sample of swingers who completed anonymous web-based surveys to a general population sample that was recruited as a part of a governmental survey.
Darren Sammy is no mug with the bat and may do real damage with his gentle swingers
He said it was never intended to be a swingers club, but rather a hotel which offered couples the chance to act out their fantasies privately in specially designed rooms.
Smith, who has admitted joining in as a swinger, said: "I have never made any secret of the fact that I run both Change and Fever.
Either way, the "small underground rebirth" of swing obviously predated both the Gap ad and Swingers, and it clearly cast its net far beyond L.
Becoming the capital of swingers in the north west will do nothing for Southport's tourist trade - in the same way that Blackpool's reputation as a family resort has died a death since it became the capital of hen and stag nights.
A photographic insight into the world of London swingers won a prestigious award for Argentinean Irina Werning' Ian Parry who was just 24 when he died in a plane crash in Romania