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Swiss Ball for Total Fitness: A Step-by-Step Guide, Improve Strength & Stability, 20-minute Workouts.
Marshall and Desai (2010) indicated that recreationally active participants who performed advanced Swiss ball exercises could obtain good levels of physical fitness and strength.
The grandfather-of-four started the weekly sessions in February and after the two-month programme had learnt how to exercise with a Swiss Ball at home.
Benefits: Also known as Swiss ball or stability ball, this piece of equipment helps focus on core strength (the part of your body that doesn't include your limbs) and functional training, which involves strengthening the torso for better workouts and less injury.
But if your goals are specific - you're a horse rider who needs to improve their balance for example, - then sitting on a Swiss ball and doing exercises on that would really help improve your core and balance - hence the name 'functional'.
A Swiss Ball is great fun and can even be a relaxing exercise while sitting at the computer to get your twitch muscles activated," Karl said.
Research has shown higher activation levels in the trunk musculature when performing trunk exercises on a Swiss ball compared to performing them on a stable surface (9).
A range of activities are on offer from dance mats, boxing and Swiss ball at Northallerton, to body blitz, yoga and tap dancing at Stokesley, and salsa and legs, bums and tums at Thirsk.
First, a pliable surface such as a Swiss ball or other forgiving surface can be used.
Over summer, more than 145 whanau attended physical activity and nutrition-based activities each week, including bowls, walking groups, aqua aerobics, weights and swiss ball training.
The results showed that crunches on the Swiss ball used approximately 50% more muscle work per second of exercise as did work with the floor crunches.

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